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Compressor Oil
We are distributing an extensive range of Compressor Oil. It is a necessary component in any air conditioning system. This oil is used for lubrication also. It reduces the wear and tear on rotating parts by using various additives. 
Cutting Oil
We are involved in rendering a broad array of Cutting Oil. It provides basic friction protection to the engine. This oil is designed to maximise the life of cutting and drilling equipment. It is an oil which improves machine finish and to reduce the tip welding. 
Engine Oil
Our firm is instrumental in dealing a wide array of Engine Oil. It provides basic friction protection to the engine. This oil is efficiently doing the run-in period of the vehicle. It is highly effective in racing motor cycle engine to give a better lubrication. 
Gear Oil
We are offering a broad assortment of Gear Oil to our clients. This oil is designed for use in transmissions and to transfer cases in your car or truck. It is helpful your transmission run smoothly. It provides an excellent gear and bearing protection. 
Hydraulic And Compressor Oil
Being a reliable firm, we are offering a wide ambit of Hydraulic And Compressor Oil. It prevents metal from rubbing against metal. It lubricates the rotors and seals the compression chamber. Provided oil requires a frequent maintenance and repairs. 
Industrial Grease
Matching to the needs of consumers, we are offering a unique range of Industrial Grease. It is used to keep vehicles, machines and others. This grease is able to reduce the friction, binding, wear and so on. It aids to modify surface properties. 
Lubricant Oil
We are offering a wide array of Lubricant Oil. It is used to reduce the friction and wear between mechanical components. It is suitable in motorized vehicles. Provided oil is also helps to control the friction between load-bearing surface lubricating oil. 
Machine Oil
We are actively engaged in providing a broad array of Machine Oil. It is to lubricate the engine parts and reduce friction. It is designed to protect the metal surfaces. Provided oil prevents the metal surface from any type of corrosion. 
Metal Drawing Compound
Owing to rapid growth in business realm, we are offering a wide array of Metal Drawing Compound. It is used to shape the metal. This compound is to improve the surface finish of the metal being drawn. It is also used in deep drawing. 
Quenching Oil
We are affianced in providing a supreme range of Quenching Oil. It facilitates hardening of steel by controlling heat transfer during quenching. This oil absorbs more initial heat and cool for longer periods of time. It ensures an excellent thermal stability. 
Rubber Process Oil
Our firm has gained a dynamic position in providing a superior range of Rubber Process Oil. It is used to reduce the blending temperatures during processing. It modifies the physical properties. It is used for the manufacturing of various rubber produces. 
Rust Preventive Oil
Rust Preventive Oil is ideally used to protect components previously exposed to water containing machines. This oil is suitable in humid conditions. It is ideal for inter-process rust protection. It is able to give a short term and long term protection.
Transformer Oil
We are supplying a broad array of Transformer Oil. It is used to insulate high-voltage electrical infrastructure. It is designed to operate effectively at very high temperatures. This oil is used in transformers for its chemical properties. 
Turbine Oil
Being a client centric organization, we are offering a broad variety of Turbine Oil to our patrons. This oil is able to provide an efficient cooling and prevent sludge. It is used to lubricate the bearings and auxiliary machinery in steam.